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Neck Pain

Written By Hall Chiropractic on January 28, 2022



How does one get instant relief from neck pain?


Hall Chiropractic says the short answer is ICE. With no contraindications, ice helps relieve pain by reducing inflammation and 'calming' irritated nerve endings. But Dr. Hall points out that the complete answer is much more. He says the question should first be answered with another question... What is CAUSING the pain? He points out that pain is a symptom and never a stand-alone problem, just as heat is a symptom of a burning fire.


More important than symptom relief, long term, is to seek the help of a qualified health care professional to identify and treat the CAUSE of the pain. The CAUSE of neck pain is often a mechanical malfunction of the joints and muscles of the cervical spine. The medical term for this is Vertebral Subluxation Complex. In plain terms, we call it a pinched nerve. 

Dr. David Hall at Hall Chiropractic uses his diagnostic and therapeutic skills to safely and effectively improve a patient’s overall biomechanics (motion, balance, strength) to help the spine return to normal function thus decreasing the CAUSE of one’s pain.


The next step is to address what has caused abnormal biomechanics. Posture, injury, arthritis and other factors contribute to spinal imbalance. Dr. Hall will help you address these issues as well. Visit the website at, call or text Hall Chiropractic at 803.412.2240 today for your FREE Initial Consultation.


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