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Genetic Health Myth Unraveled

Written By Hall Chiropractic on January 28, 2022

Genetic Health Myth Unraveled


Patients occasionally tell me that they have specific health issues, “…because Mom and Dad had the same thing.” While that is sometimes true, many things we ‘get’ from our families we don’t have to keep.


Common ailments like back pain, headaches, arthritis, even illnesses like diabetes are often inherited from our family – but in a way different than you might think. While we certainly inherit our family’s genes we also inherit their habits. As children, we learn to stand and walk and eat and sleep by emulating those around us. If Mom has poor posture and Dad sleeps in front of the TV and the whole family eats pizza and soda for supper then we are likely to do the same. Behavioral Genetics is the study of these contrasts. 1.


The great news is that many seemingly genetic shortcomings are actually lifestyle deficiencies that can be improved or eliminated. Perhaps Dad has arthritis and neck pain from sleeping in that chair every night. What if Mom’s bad feet are a result of wearing terrible shoes her whole life? Maybe your brother’s headaches result from a terrible diet and hunching over a computer twelve hours a day. The likely answer it that it’s a bit of both genetics and lifestyle. Regardless, these are all issues that can be improved or eliminated from your own life.


Unfortunately, many of these learned faults create physical changes over time that now need to be dealt with. At Hall Chiropractic we understand that your future health is a result of your past and present. Diet, exercise, posture, work and even past injuries add up to the sum of what we are now. Hall Chiropractic’s unique treatment protocol is designed to help unravel the knots of life’s transgressions. It includes addressing the causes of your problems – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase mobility all aimed at improving your good health. Our office is open from 7AM Monday through Friday and we accept most health insurances.


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