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Written By Hall Chiropractic on January 28, 2022


The Art of Knowing Where My Toes Are Without Looking or Smelling


Increasing your competitive edge in sports and at work may be as simple as having a chiropractic adjustment. Proprioception is a fancy word for body position sense which is a fancy term for knowing where my body parts are without looking at them. Our body’s main position sensors are bundles of nerves in our muscles and tendons which constantly monitor and correct our posture for optimized movement.


Why does that matter? Consider these stats: A person averages 3,500 steps per day. A marathon runner takes some 55,000 strides per race. The average desk jockey makes 6000 keystrokes a day. With each movement your body spends energy and time making corrections to align each joint, muscle and ligament for optimum function. Therefore, the more efficiently this system works, the more efficiently the task can be performed. In practical terms, perhaps I swing my hammer or tennis racquet or dance partner say, 9.2% more efficiently. Over time this could make a great difference – and help reduce injury.


A recent study showed that chiropractic adjustments improve motor skills in participants by 9.2 percent over those in the test that did not receive a chiropractic adjustment. The key to this improved proprioception is fine tuning the communication between the body parts and the nervous system resulting in quicker, more precise and efficient movements.




For over three decades Dr. Hall has helped people improve their performance on and off the court. The Hall Chiropractic system of health begins with over 30 years’ experience. It includes addressing the causes of a problem – not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive care plan includes clinical and home work to strengthen muscles, improve posture and increase mobility.


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