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Spinal Decompression

Relief from Chronic Back and Neck Pain, Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis or Sciatica

People with low back and neck pain are often advised to 'take it easy and rest your back'. If you suffer from chronic low back or neck pain and want any kind of "normal" life, you know this advice is unrealistic and doesn't work.

For over three decades, Dr. David M Hall of Hall Chiropractic, has helped thousands of people in Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Steele Creek and Rock Hill end their pain without drugs or surgery through a radically different approach.

After years of tentatively guarding their backs for fear of pain and further injury, back pain and neck pain sufferers who could barely walk, stand, sit or even sleep are being guided through a comprehensive treatment program at Hall Chiropractic led by Dr. David Hall and his team helping them "repair" their backs with the Disc Decompression and Spine Rehab System.

Those who have gone through our exclusive treatment program call it miraculous!

Casey M. is a 'believer'. A few years ago, she was at her wits end. "I was in so much pain--the kind that doesn't allow you to even get comfortable. I couldn't sleep, sit, stand, lift anything, tie my shoes or even pick up my toddler...until I began the program with Dr. David Hall. I had undergone normal physical therapy, two epidural injections and loads of pain medication with no relief. By the third week of treatment at the Hall Chiropractic I felt no pain in my neck and arm at all. Before I met Dr. David Hall, I didn't believe that I could ever get back to my normal life. I believe it now."

Bill W. had 'miraculous results'. "I was passing Dr. Hall's office heading to my pre-op workup to have a herniated disc in my back removed. I stopped in just to see what the folks at Hall Chiropractic could do for me. Within a short time I was walking without pain. Shortly after that I was back to my daily routine. Oh, and I cancelled the back surgery! The other docs said it was a 'miraculous recovery'. I surely agree with them."

Bucking the System - to Your Benefit

Dr. Hall's treatment program runs counter to what most back-sufferers have long been told. It has long been thought that once a disc is damaged it cannot be healed. But new scientific evidence shows that in most cases the disc can heal, and we have thousands of patients who are living proof. The other piece of the puzzle is the strength and balance of the lower back and neck muscles. The old advice of resting and limiting activities can lead to more problems and more damage. This strategy causes the back and neck to become de-conditioned, weaker and more susceptible to re-injury.

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic lower back pain or neck pain, why not find out if our safe, gentle, non-surgical Disc Decompression and Spine Rehab System can help you end the stabbing, burning and shooting pain in your back and leg, or neck and shoulders?