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First Visit

Brief Paperwork

Unfortuntely there's always paperwork. At Hall Chiropractic we try to make this as brief as possible while attaining all the important information to direct us toward the best treatment experience possible.


Have a seat and have a talk with Dr. Hall about your health past, present and future. How might Hall Chiropractic help? The consultation is always free!

History and Examination

Let's talk about your health (past and present) in more detail. This gives Dr. Hall insight on how to best approach the problem. A thorough orthopedic, neurologic and chiropractic examination will help map out the extent of your health issues.

X-ray Studies

X-rays may be used as part of the examination process to assess the effect of past traumatic or degenerative conditions. The information gained can be invaluable in formulating a comprehensive treatment plan.

Same Day Treatment

You came to see us TODAY because you have a neck pain or low back pain or whatever, TODAY. We won't make you wait several days to begin care. Do we ever delay tretment? Sure, there are exceptional situations that need exceptional attention.

Home Instructions

"Dr. Hall LOVES to give homework." It's true. He believes that patients who participate in their own healthcare, experience better, faster and longer-lasting responses to care.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

Same day appointments are typically accomodated at Hall Chiropractic. We're conveniently located in Fort Mill's Baxter Village. Our convenient 7AM to 6PM office hours make it easy to Make Healthy Happen.