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Fort Mill SC Chiropractor – Dr. David Hall

human skeleton 163715 1280Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Effective In The Elderly As Well..

Date: June 4, 2019 | Time: 4:13am

Although chiropractic care has helped countless millions of patients of all ages, research studies have been primarily focused on those under the age of 55 years of age. In a new study, researchers evaluated the success of chiropractic care versus conservative medical care on 240 adults with an average age of 63 years who were suffering from subacute and chronic low back pain. Results of six weeks of either chiropractic care or minimal conservative medical care were compared via study.... <view entire article>

blood pressure 1573037 1920How Well Does Your Doctor Understand Back Pain?..

Date: May 23, 2019 | Time: 4:12am

A newly published study indicates the knowledge most orthopedic surgeons and family physicians possess in managing simple low back pain (LBP) is far from stellar. The exact wording from the study abstract includes, "Both orthopaedic surgeons' and family physicians' knowledge of treating LBP is deficient." While our objective is not to bash the medical profession, we do want our patients and the general public to understand that the management of even simple back pain is often difficult. This is why.... <view entire article>

massage 486700 1920Consumer Reports Rates Chiropractic As #1..

Date: May 7, 2019 | Time: 4:11am

While most know and trust Consumer Reports for unbiased and truthful reports on products and services, those unfamiliar with the nonprofit organization should read the following (this statement can be found on the Consumer Reports website located at "No brand is more widely recognized and trusted...than Consumer Reports. Since 1936, [it]...has delivered thorough...consumer product recommendations, while maintaining a...reputation for objectivity and accuracy....In this age of public skepticism...[CR] has maintained its lofty status, a testimony to the organization's strict standards and.... <view entire article>

walking 1694137 1920Frequent Breaks and Position Changes Good For Your Back..

Date: April 24, 2019 | Time: 4:06am

New research confirms the obvious, stoop over and don't move much and you'll significantly increase your risk for lower back pain. In a newly released study, Hong Kong researchers evaluated workers at a school for severely handicapped individuals. Workers wore accelerometers attached to their trunks - devises that measure and track the degrees of trunk flexion. Researchers discovered those workers experiencing back pain were spending more time with their trunks in the same position as well as more time in.... <view entire article>

abstract 1851178 1920Probiotics May Reduce Postpartum Obesity..

Date: April 9, 2019 | Time: 4:05am

Most moms know the difficulty of returning to their pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth. A new study indicates that simply adding a probiotics supplement containing Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium starting in the first trimester could help. Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria and yeasts that assist our bodies in converting sugars and carbohydrates into lactic acid as well as lower the overall pH making it difficult for "bad" microorganisms to survive. In other words, they're the super heros in our guts fighting.... <view entire article>

medications 342462 1920Choose Your Multivitamins Carefully..

Date: March 27, 2019 | Time: 4:03am

How do you choose to purchase your vitamins and other supplements? Does convenience and price dictate what vitamin brands end up on your countertop? A recent report released by contains some alarming news about the safety and accuracy of multivitamins available for purchase at your local nutrition / grocery stores. What they found is that more than 30 percent of the multivitamins tested contained too much or too little of certain ingredients as listed on the label and/or were.... <view entire article>

electrocardiogram 165962 1920Chiropractic Effective For Myofascial Pain Syndrome & Trigger Points..

Date: March 12, 2019 | Time: 4:02am

A recent review of research was performed to identify the effectiveness of various treatments for the relief of Myofascial pain syndrome and myofascial trigger points. Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic form of muscle pain characterized by sensitive points in the muscles called myofascial trigger points. These trigger points in the muscles can be painful when touched and the pain can spread throughout the affected muscle as well as radiate down the extremities. In this study, 112 articles were found.... <view entire article>

baby feet 847204 1920Increasing Number of Children Receive Pediatric Chiropractic Care..

Date: February 28, 2019 | Time: 4:01am

A growing number of parents are adding pediatric chiropractic care as an integrative component of their children's health care regimen. Survey data indicates that the percentage of chiropractic patients under 17 years of age has increased at least 8.5 percent since 1991, says the American Chiropractic Association. Further, a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study indicated that nearly 3 percent of children in the United States were treated with chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation in 2007, making it the most.... <view entire article>

desk 312595 1280Predicting Back Pain Recurrence Difficult..

Date: February 13, 2019 | Time: 4:00am

New research indicates that approximately one in four individuals suffering and recovering from acute (occurring suddenly) low back pain will have another episode of low back pain within the subsequent 12 months. Worse yet, predicting which individuals will likely have a recurrence is extremely difficult. This is why most chiropractic experts recommend not only getting yourself immediately checked out when back pain arises, but additionally recommend periodic spinal checkups to ensure your spine remains healthy, ultimately reducing the risk of.... <view entire article>

syringe 1884758 1920Spinal Injections Unsupported For The Treatment Of Back Pain..

Date: January 31, 2019 | Time: 3:59am

A new study published in the prestigious international medical journal Spine indicates that spinal injection therapy used to treat subacute and chronic low back pain has questionable effectiveness and lacks research evidence. Researchers reviewed 18 previously conducted trials on spinal injections to the epidural area, joints of the spine as well as injections into the spinal muscles. Injections consisted of a variety of drugs including corticosteroids and local anesthetics. Authors of the study stated, "Overall, the results indicated that there.... <view entire article>